Wednesday, July 14, 2010

turner falls

passing through oklahoma last week, we stopped at this little hidden jem. a natural swimming pool had been formed at some time from multiple springs of the arbuckle mountain region to create this lovely area. maybe next time we visit we will go down into the park to go for a swim!

i don't know any of the history about this magical castle located near the falls, but it did appear that you could hike up to view it closer if you actually entered the park area.

such a fun place to find. thanks to our lovely friends for showing us! i'm currently dreaming of our next little mini vacation. possibly a first vacation with baby e?!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

preggo cycling

Cycling is a love, a passion, a hobby, an obsession maybe?

A new look for cyclists everywhere, right?? I have been commuting around town and even going on a few short road rides all throughout pregnancy, but I was getting really tired of missing out on the Sunday afternoon group rides. Finally, I figured I could just ride out to the trails to meet up with the group, even if it was just to hang out. The group took a couple of laps while I just layed out and enjoyed the afternoon. Afterwards, I talked the boy into joining me on the road for a bit farther. We randomly came across Toad Hollow, a daylily farm. And, it just so happened to be prime time for daylilies!

Love spending time with this boy, especially on a bike. Can't wait to take baby E on our bike adventures!

Friday, July 9, 2010

so so cute!

maybe baby e needs this. what do you think?? found here.


during our recent adventures, some friends introduced us to a little shop called the cloverleaf. wow! i live for places like this. it was really like finding some sort of fantasy land. the owner appears to be absolutely in love with pink. if you look closely, you can see her pink escalade parked in the front. and oh yes, there were hot pink leather seats inside. the pink retro camper is so so adorable. i peeked inside to find that it is unfurnished for the time being, but did have leopard print carpet! could you miss all of the pink bicycles!! the store includes fabulous designer clothing, various unique home decor, and lots of jewelry. not to mention a pink parrot and a pink poodle. apparently i became obsessed with the mannequins. ha! enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

fire cracker day

we spent the fourth with some dear friends of ours this year. a wonderful time was had.

my traditional patriotic fruit pizza. delicious!!

happy 4th of july!! and this is baby bump at week 32. less than 2 months to go now! it is really so surreal at this point. it seems so soon, yet so so far away at the same time. keep growing little baby!! we can't wait to meet you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

something lovely

oh my goodness....this bicycle necklace is SO cute! love love love it!! via anthropologie

the anniversary

the hubby and i celebrated the big 3 this past week. life is pretty crazy around here these days it seems, so we resolved in keeping it low key. it turned out to be one of the best nights ever...

we started out with a lovely bicycle ride to one of our favorite hamburger joints in town.

we ended the evening with jazz downtown. such a perfect way to spend the occasion. happy anniversary, lover face. i couldn't imagine dreaming these dreams with anyone else.