Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

project finish this house

the mister and i bought this little house as a 3-5 year project. and, guess what? our 3rd anniversary is coming up and we are this close to being done! we have found that the little things are taking way longer than expected. and, that it is more fun to play with our little love! :) in preparation of our 3rd anniversary before and after posts, we have just one more project. it looks something like this.

i'm not gonna lie, i am pretty excited about this project. it is something i could see the moment we walked into this place...but i am pretty for sure that everyone else thought i was crazy. i seriously can't wait to show you!! i am putting some final touches on it today! eek!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

something pretty beautiful

i came across this lovely project by day one publications. it is a beautifully photographed project promoting commuting by bicycle in south africa. who knew everyday bicycling could be so beautiful?

a bicycle built for two

the mister and i have been in the market for a tandem bicycle for a couple of years now. we came across this at the local antique shop the other day... a make shift bicycle built for two!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

sharing our hearts with japan

my heart aches for the people of japan. while i sit here with my cup of coffee, enjoying the morning sunshine, and the birds singing outside my window...i can only imagine that these people don't know where they will find food today, let alone a place to sleep. i find it hard to really take in what is happening there. all i know is what i see in the before and after photos shown on the news. my sweet baby e. and i joined the high gear cycling team the other night at a food packaging event hosted by numana inc.

food packages contain a combination of beans, soy, and rice. one package serves 6 meals. over 25,000 meals were packaged to send to japan that night.

the high gear team sponsors numana inc. it was really an honor to help with this packaging event. this company is doing really great things and it is honestly the least we can do to take part in such an event. some of the team shown here:stephanie, matt, lelan , randy , me and baby e., and the hubby

our little family of three

so many people showed up to help. some japanese students were actually helping right along our side.

Friday, March 11, 2011

sunny days and guest blogging

hi there! we have been out of town for a few days, so i have been busy trying to play catch up. i am so happy to be guest blogging for the lovely jillian pye at three for the road today. the girl is seriously a sweetheart. as her little family follows their dream, she invited me to share mine. day by day, i feel it getting closer.

as we come to a close on finishing our little house, i thought it would be fun to put together a before and after of some of our projects. we are nearing our 3 year anniversary with this home. i just can not believe it has gone so fast! we have really gone through a lot here. it is amazing to stand back and see how this house has changed, how our lives have our hearts have changed.

my march style

my march style
my march style by crystalina_4 featuring retro shorts

i am a summer girl by nature and it is so close i can taste it!! i am loving this easily thrown together look these days. easy with a baby. easy to hop on a bike. easy easy. hope you are having a fabulous friday!! love love!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

checking in

photo found here
i am finally getting over this virus. i swear, it almost got the best of me. my husband actually told me...'you know, this is really not a good look for you.' (!) in other news, i am seriously dying over the weather lately. ok, maybe i was getting a little bit of the cabin fever. this lovely weather, however, means a strong desire to hop on the bike. even if it is just to mess around town and run errands. so, i am saving up my moneys to buy my little lady a trailer to attach to my bicycle. i love love love supporting my local bike shop, but these things are a small investment. i am really kicking myself for not buying one i saw at a yard sale last year. now, to find the perfect one... i hope you are having a lovely lovely day!