Monday, August 30, 2010

attempted distractions

i broke out the sewing machine today. this amount of dust can seriously not be a good thing. gross! i've got this baby shiney as new and we are ready to get started now. i was just thinking i was putting off starting this project as the baby was 'expected any day now' for the past 4 weeks! ha!!
we are still holding strong at 41 weeks today. no progression in sight, really. i swear, i don't know how there is much more room in there for this little one. i am so very thankful for this time and all of the support and encouragement from those around me. baby, there is a lot of love in this world for you. now, little one, we are anxiously waiting your grand appearance.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

and...more baby thoughts

a full moon doesn't mean baby time...even when it is the due date. waiting patiently to play with those cute little baby feeties! come out and play in this big beautiful world, little baby!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

a little something for myself

so....i just splurged on a gift to myself. it's ok to buy something just for you every once in a while, right?? to tell you the truth...i have been pondering doing this for over a month! and, i'm pretty for sure registration is supposed to be over....but the 'buy now' button is still, i finally finally finally decided to just break down and do it. just for me. long story short, i was given a sewing machine as a gift 3 years ago. it was something i really wanted to learn at the time. but, guess what? life happened. although i have used the extra needles and thread that came with it, i never have actually even put the thing together. sad, i know. so this is it! the motivation i need and the accountability to do it. i can't wait to be a crafty momma and make all kinds of....crafty things? :) next project? find lots of cute cute fabric!! oh, and dust off the sewing machine.
by the way, thank you rachel, leigh-ann, and courtney for making this happen! i'm seriously looking forward to it.

baby on the brain

little E's expected arrival is just days away now. 4 to be exact. i found myself searching for a video this morning that i had watched a couple of months ago. i had periodically followed the walk to 40 weeks , but this birthing video seriously topped it off. this couple is truly amazing.

now, while in search of this video, i came across she's got the magic . and can i just say, thank you pacing the panic room for making my day. i'm pretty sure i had a mental break down this morning. i didn't want to go to work simply because i had absolutely nothing to wear. so silly now, but so incredibly life altering at the time. ha. really, though, this stop motion video is simply perfect and adorable and just what i needed today. this man is doing amazing things and if you haven't checked out his work, you could start out with the links i've provided. seriously incredible stuff.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

simple goals

via the Miss Elsie Flannigan...

the task? create 4 simple goals that you may not have otherwise accomplished. an easy enough mission, right? not so much here. i have notebooks and sticky notes filled with to-do lists, life goals, etc. from every season of life. they have been read, re-read, and stashed away for another day. most never being carried out. so, here i will post these 4 simple goals of mine for all of the world to see, to keep me accountable, and in hopes that i can learn to actually follow through these goals of mine.

numero uno: make an effort to blog once a day. or at least an average of seven blogs a week. if this whole 'documenting my family's life' thing is going to follow through, i need to be much more purposeful in my blogging strategies

number 2: organize my life. turn my home into a sanctuary and my work space into a haven for energy and inspiration. i would love to invest a little bit of time each day and make a strategic plan to get rid of clutter and find a space for everything in our little home.

three: schedule a work out time into my day. with baby e arriving shortly, i feel like it will be extremely important to find 'me' time. excercise time would be a perfect opportunity for this. besides that fact that i feel much less stressed and energized when i make this intentional.

and, finally, 4: make time for financing and meal planning once a week. possibly sunday evenings. and include the hubby. these are two categories that we have realized our family needs to be purposeful about. the thing is, it is too easy to overlook them and just go about our daily lives. so, the thinking is that if we spend just a little quality time looking over financing and scheduling a weekly meal plan, we can be on the same page and have less disagreements about silly things.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bloggy blogger

on the to-do list:

* go out for ice cream

* work harder on keeping up this blog

* prepare for baby E...any day now, yikes!!

* do something extra special for the hubby's birthday