Tuesday, July 13, 2010

preggo cycling

Cycling is a love, a passion, a hobby, an obsession maybe?

A new look for cyclists everywhere, right?? I have been commuting around town and even going on a few short road rides all throughout pregnancy, but I was getting really tired of missing out on the Sunday afternoon group rides. Finally, I figured I could just ride out to the trails to meet up with the group, even if it was just to hang out. The group took a couple of laps while I just layed out and enjoyed the afternoon. Afterwards, I talked the boy into joining me on the road for a bit farther. We randomly came across Toad Hollow, a daylily farm. And, it just so happened to be prime time for daylilies!

Love spending time with this boy, especially on a bike. Can't wait to take baby E on our bike adventures!


  1. AW! you look great.
    We def. talk about you guys and how much we miss you all the time :)
    And we are terribly excited for your new adventure with baby!
    It is incredible, life altering and terrifying--the best!
    We are going to Arkansas this weekend, but I'm crossing our fingers that sometime soon we'll get to come a little nearer your way.

  2. That's awesome that you remain so active during your pregnancy, good for you. I've heard it makes for an easier labour!