Friday, August 20, 2010

a little something for myself

so....i just splurged on a gift to myself. it's ok to buy something just for you every once in a while, right?? to tell you the truth...i have been pondering doing this for over a month! and, i'm pretty for sure registration is supposed to be over....but the 'buy now' button is still, i finally finally finally decided to just break down and do it. just for me. long story short, i was given a sewing machine as a gift 3 years ago. it was something i really wanted to learn at the time. but, guess what? life happened. although i have used the extra needles and thread that came with it, i never have actually even put the thing together. sad, i know. so this is it! the motivation i need and the accountability to do it. i can't wait to be a crafty momma and make all kinds of....crafty things? :) next project? find lots of cute cute fabric!! oh, and dust off the sewing machine.
by the way, thank you rachel, leigh-ann, and courtney for making this happen! i'm seriously looking forward to it.

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  1. Crystal! this is Jillian's sister elise, and i'm signed up for Home Ec too! have you started any projects? can't wait to see your sweet little baby!!!