Wednesday, August 18, 2010

simple goals

via the Miss Elsie Flannigan...

the task? create 4 simple goals that you may not have otherwise accomplished. an easy enough mission, right? not so much here. i have notebooks and sticky notes filled with to-do lists, life goals, etc. from every season of life. they have been read, re-read, and stashed away for another day. most never being carried out. so, here i will post these 4 simple goals of mine for all of the world to see, to keep me accountable, and in hopes that i can learn to actually follow through these goals of mine.

numero uno: make an effort to blog once a day. or at least an average of seven blogs a week. if this whole 'documenting my family's life' thing is going to follow through, i need to be much more purposeful in my blogging strategies

number 2: organize my life. turn my home into a sanctuary and my work space into a haven for energy and inspiration. i would love to invest a little bit of time each day and make a strategic plan to get rid of clutter and find a space for everything in our little home.

three: schedule a work out time into my day. with baby e arriving shortly, i feel like it will be extremely important to find 'me' time. excercise time would be a perfect opportunity for this. besides that fact that i feel much less stressed and energized when i make this intentional.

and, finally, 4: make time for financing and meal planning once a week. possibly sunday evenings. and include the hubby. these are two categories that we have realized our family needs to be purposeful about. the thing is, it is too easy to overlook them and just go about our daily lives. so, the thinking is that if we spend just a little quality time looking over financing and scheduling a weekly meal plan, we can be on the same page and have less disagreements about silly things.

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