Thursday, October 14, 2010

finding the words to say

i've been meaning to update, i really have. it seems that if it isn't finding the time, it's finding the words. this little baby love has completely mesmerized me. really, though, i think i could just sit and stare at her all day long. but, life must go on, right? small steps is what i keep telling myself. brushing your teeth before noon is indeed an accomplishment for the day! i truly have a new admiration for all mothers of the world. they not only birthed a child, but raised that child....seriously amazing after going through it yourself. i would love to share our birth story. i can confess that reading birth story after birth story was a guilty pleasure of mine while pregnant. i would put myself in that woman's place and attempt to imagine the emotions she was going through. so, naturally, i would love to provide that for others.

six weeks has come and gone and this little lady is growing up before my very E loves showing off her smiles, cooing happily to all who will listen, and enjoying the lovely autumn weather. she also been building her neck muscles and wants to hold up her head by herself oh so badly! i just love seeing how her little personality shines through a little more each day. we are so very blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy baby.

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