Sunday, February 27, 2011

hot tea and a good read

this sickness is about to get the best of me. i decided i am just no good at not feeling well. i moan and groan and lie around declaring i feel like i am dying. so pleasant, i know. i have successfully accomplished absolutely nothing for the past three days and am crossing my fingers that i am in the home stretch now. i received 'black heels to tractor wheels,' written by this talented blogger as a gift recently. her blog is one of the first i started reading. it may be because i am from the midwest or because i grew up in the country, but i have always found her just hilarious and witty and downright beautiful. so, i sit here with my hot tea and my book and muster up enough energy to go about my daily business. sickness is just no fun. i suppose all i can do now is dream of better days...sunshine, ice cream cones, and bicycles. yes, that sounds mighty nice.

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