Monday, February 7, 2011

the most important meal of the day

there has been a lot of food talk lately. whether it comes with the new year, new seasons, or new lifestyles, re-thinking what you eat seems like a good idea. our little family loves eating a good breakfast. it seems starting out our day together on the right track makes all the difference. these are some of our most favorites of the moment! 1. cinnamon roll and coffee at amanda's cafe 2. oatmeal w/ bananas, cinnamon, and almonds 3. cranberry almond bread 4. short stack


  1. we are in food mode too:O)
    we've always ate pretty healthy but are overhauling everything- already seeing amazing benefits! (i've been cured of a pregnancy agony that i didn't think would be fixed with out tons of therapy- all by switching my milk source to farm fresh, mildly pasteurized, no hormones for the cows milk.)
    your breakfasts look wonderful and they are so much better enjoyed as a family :O)

  2. I would totally recommend reading the book! there is so much in it that i'd never heard before and while some of the things they want you to implement give me the heebie jeebies (eating lots of liver etc while pregnant) , they make sense.
    It's definitely good that you are drinking rBGH free milk, but if its mass produced its still very likely that they use other hormones and milk as much as possible- such as when the cows are pregnant- which means you are getting all of their progesterone (and in my case on top of the extra progesterone i was already producing).
    There are risks to drinking raw milk but it's hard to tell what is hype and what is legit. for now i'm comfortable drinking the gently pasteurized milk we get from Oberweis but i'm going to continue researching for after pregnancy.
    thanks for stopping by to comment!
    hope Emory is well- she's getting even cuter!