Thursday, February 17, 2011

what we are eating

couscous topped with diced roma tomatoes,
grilled onion and carrot, roasted brussel sprouts, and grilled chicken
my man friend has registered for this race. apparently it is a pretty big deal. he had to get up at the wee hours of the morning to sign up for it. we will talk more about it later, though...back to the point of this story. my man and i, well, we are a team. so, what is my end of this deal? i have agreed to feed the boy through all of this. and not just feed him, but really to have healthy, nutritious meals readily available. i have several pre, during, and post workout food ideas running through my head that i would love to share. to start out, though, i think that it is important to focus on our main meals. easily thrown together and fresh foods are important to me. i absolutely love foods that are in season, but i do know that sometimes that just is not possible. at least not in the midwest. without further ado, i present to you my first 'what we are eating'. and hopefully i can improve in my cooking (hello there, charred onions and carrots). and in my food photography (what a lovely shiny plate).

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