Thursday, March 17, 2011

sharing our hearts with japan

my heart aches for the people of japan. while i sit here with my cup of coffee, enjoying the morning sunshine, and the birds singing outside my window...i can only imagine that these people don't know where they will find food today, let alone a place to sleep. i find it hard to really take in what is happening there. all i know is what i see in the before and after photos shown on the news. my sweet baby e. and i joined the high gear cycling team the other night at a food packaging event hosted by numana inc.

food packages contain a combination of beans, soy, and rice. one package serves 6 meals. over 25,000 meals were packaged to send to japan that night.

the high gear team sponsors numana inc. it was really an honor to help with this packaging event. this company is doing really great things and it is honestly the least we can do to take part in such an event. some of the team shown here:stephanie, matt, lelan , randy , me and baby e., and the hubby

our little family of three

so many people showed up to help. some japanese students were actually helping right along our side.

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