Monday, February 28, 2011

we went out...thrifting

i have a love/hate relationship with thrifting. everytime i go to a thrift store or a yard sale i just know that there is a treasure, just for me, hiding somewhere. and when i don't find it, i feel like a failure. but, you know, you aren't actually saving money if you just buy something you will never use. i suppose i need to keep telling myself that. while running a few errands the other day, the mister and i made a few thrift stops. i found a lovely sport jacket in the little boys section. i am almost positive it is made for ladies, though...just maybe 40 years ago or so. and the hubby found some great express dress shirts and a rad skinny tie to match. as we were checking out, he declared 'these cost 50 bucks each, you know'? i quickly hushed him and explained that we can't let them find out what they are giving us! haha. i have been on the hunt for sweet little vintage goodies for my little lady, but apparently there is none to find in this part of the world. oh goodness, i do love me some baby clothes! well, happy monday my lovelies!! it is a beautiful sunshiny day here...just what i needed.

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  1. ummm, how did I not comment on this post?
    You guys look adorable--and I know the feeling!!